Electric Rotisserie BBQ Charcoal Smoker Grill Spit Roaster Outdoor Burner


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Our Spit Roaster is designed to take on the heavyweights. Up to 40kg of whole, chunky meats, thanks to a powerful 240V rotisserie motor designed for heavy grilling and roasting of meats and vegetables for large groups of people. The rotisserie is also height-adjustable to accommodate meats of any size, so that they get the right amount of heat to be perfectly cooked. Ideal not just for homes, but also for cafes, restaurants and other eateries where a heavy-duty rotisserie is required. You will also appreciate the charcoal-fueled roasting in a large cooking area with ample firebox space. Certainly no cramping of your style here, but just fabulous roasting using the chrome-coated steel grill and other quality cooking paraphernalia. Tender, juicy and sumptuous mouthwatering


Chrome-coated steel BBQ grill

SAA-approved 240V motor

40kg turning capacity

Large cooking area

Unrivalled charcoal BBQ

Ample firebox space

Good ventilation

Stainless steel grill rack

Suitable for all kinds of meats

Perfect for the large gatherings



Cooking area size: 84cm x 48cm

Rotisserie weight capacity: 40kg

Overall size: 111cm x 54cm x 95cm

Package Contents:

1 x Spit roaster

1 x Rotisserie

1 x User Manual