32 Inch Portable Outdoor Fire Pit and BBQ - Black


With the 2-in-1 Fire Pit, you can expect some genuine all-season enjoyment all round. First, as a fire pit, it’s simply great sitting around a nice warm fire with friends and family to chat the day or night away. And should you decide to up the ante and have a sumptuous BBQ instead, just load on the food for some great feastings.

The Fire Pit comes with all the necessary accessories to get the fire and BBQ going: fire pit tray, log grate, mesh dome, stainless steel grill plate and fire poker. And for a consistent good fire, the Fire PIt is also designed with ample ventilation to let air flow through easily. Not least, it comes with a safety ring to ensure no one gets too close to the hot Fire PIt.

So now all that you need to do is get the charcoal or wood and get cosy for a great time around the 2-in-1 Fire Pit.


2 in 1 multi-purpose outdoor table

Robust steel construction

Heat and rust-resistant powder coating

Safety ring designs

Can use both wood and charcoal to light a fire

Perfect for all seasons


Material: Steel

Size: 82X82X60cm

Diameter: 32"

Colour: Black

Package Content

1 x Table Frame

1 x BBQ Grilling Rack

1 x Mesh Dome

1 x Poker

1 x Log Grate

1 x Assembly Instruction