Bedding Single Size Dual Layer Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper


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Single Size Dual Layer Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper

The topper comprises two layers for durability and highly breathable and dust/mould resistant.


* Dual layer memory foam mattress topper

* Top layer-gel infused memory foam

* Bottom layer-durable and supportive base foam

* Innovative open cell structure design

* Responsive active suspension isolates motion

* Over 1000 supporting points

* Zero pressure and constant temperature protection

* Cooler sleeping surface

* Highly breathable knitted fabric cover

* Dust mite and mould-resistant

* Anti-skid base

* Soft and comfortable


* Top layer material: Memory foam

* Bottom layer material: Supportive foam

* Top layer foam density: 60kg/m squared

* Bottom layer foam density: 25kg/m squared

* Thickness: 4cm per layer

* Size: Single

Package Content:

1x Memory Foam Mattress Topper