Bedding Single Mattress Bed Size 7 Zone Pocket Spring Medium Firm Foam 30cm


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Pamper yourself with our Bedding Lotus Series Tight Top Mattress that will give you a soothing sleep night after night. Built upon layer upon layer of quality materials, the 30cm thick mattress is a testament to fine craftsmanship and innovative sleep technology. You will find everything you desire for a mattress. Ultra-comfort with its soft and smooth Belgium knitted fabric. Comprehensive support from its genuine 7-zone EvenZon pocket springs system with zero partner disturbance. Quick recovery and rebound with its high-density foam. Even support and better ventilation with its egg-shaped foam. Our mattress delivers all of the above with a level of comfort that surpasses expectations and a medium firmness that many Australians love. Not least, the mattress is hygienically constructed to free your body from allergens and dust mites. Better sleep is not just a dream. It is a reality with our luxurious mattress.


Bedding - Lotus Series

Premium 30cm thickness

Belgium knitted fabric

7-zone EvenZon pocket spring system

Enhanced 6-turn coil

Zero partner disturbance

High-density foam

Egg-shaped foam

Hypo-allergenic materials

99% dust mite resistant

No harmful chemicals

Easy to rotate with handles


Size: Single

Firmness: Medium firm (6.5)

Overall dimensions: 91cm x 190cm x 30cm

Colour: White and grey

Vacuum packaging: Item will expand to its normal shape within 2 days after unpacking.

Package Contents:

1 x Bedding Lotus Series Tight Top Mattress

1 x Plastic bag cutter