Bedding King Size Microfibre Quilt


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200GSM Quality Quilt - King

Indulge in this finely constructed microfibre quilt. Have a comfy and soft quilt to cover on during the night is a simple happiness that you can have after a long tiring day. It's just what you and your family need. It features pure soft microfibre cover with 200GSM filling - soft, lofty and light, offering optimal comfortableness without the weight. The microfibre material is mite and mould resistant and is very easy to maintain. Made with box stitched method, it prevents the filling from shifting time to time as well.


* 100% Pure Soft Microfibre Cover

* 200GSM Microfibre filling

* Soft, lofty and light - provides warmth without feeling heavy

* Mite and mould resistant microfibre material

* Box stitched to prevent filling from shifting

* Hygiene vacuum packaging


* Cover: 100% Microfibre

* Filling: 100% Hollow fibre

* Colour: White

* King: 240 x 210cm

Package Contents

1 x Microfibre Quilt

1 x Storage Bag