Bedding King Size 4 Pack Bed Pillow Medium*2 Firm*2 Microfibre Fiiling


Having a good night’s sleep is more than just having a great mattress. You need equally great pillows too. And our Bedding King Size Polyester Pillow is guaranteed to give you better sleep in more ways than one. First of all, the larger king size means the pillow provides better support all around, especially if you like to lean on the bedhead and do a bit of reading before you go to sleep. The polyester fibre filling is fluffy and soft, highly breathable and sweat absorbent to allow for a comfortable sleep all night long. The set of four pillows comprises two medium pillows and two firm pillows to accommodate every sleeping position. The medium pillow is good for back sleepers while the firm pillow suits side sleepers. Every pillow is housed in a 100% cotton cover that is soft to the touch and skin friendly. Perfect for your home or in commercial settings such as a hotel or Airbnb, our polyester fibre-filled pillow absolutely deserves a prime sleeping spot in any luxurious rest.


A set of 4 pillows

100% cotton cover

Polyester fibre filling

Firm pillows - Suitable for side sleepers

Medium pillows - Suitable for back sleepers

Great for families, hotel or Airbnb


Dimensions: 90cm x 50cm (King size)

Cover: Cotton

Filling: Polyester

Firm pillow weight: 1100g

Medium pillow weight: 1000g

Package Contents:

2 x Medium Pillows

2 x Firm Pillows