Bedding Double Size Cool Gel Foam Mattress


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Cool Gel Memory Foam Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress Double

Pamper you and your partner with this premium gel foam mattress that will give you a soothing sleep night after night. The integrated visco gel foam infuses cool micro gel elements into the memory foam individualising contouring which provides a cooler sleeping surface. It is quality constructed with features that provide maximum support and comfort offering a luxurious and undisturbed sleep all night long.

Note: As it is a gel infused memory foam mattress, the gel warms up slightly slower than the surrounding foam thus providing a temporary cooling effect.


* Comfortable euro top

* High density foam

* 6 turn coil system

* 5 zoned tempered steel pocket springs

* Reinforced edge support for extra strength & durability

* Hypo-allergenic material

* Air mesh fabric sides to facilitate air flow in the mattress

* No turn technology (no need to turn mattress)

* Provides support for all sleeping positions & relieves pressure points

* Side handles for positioning

* Deluxe 400g/m2 knitted fabric

* High density 50D cool gel-infused memory foam

* Dissipates body heat providing a cooler sleeping surface

* Made of durable PU silicone gel

* Gel-infused memory foam (won't become stiff in winter)

* Eliminates motion disturbance from partner

* Memory foam regulates odours and moisture by allowing air to flow through

* Firmness 5.5 / Medium

* Vacuum packaging - item will expand to its normal shape within 1 day after unpack aging.

* Size: Double

* Number of coils: 660

* Wire thickness: 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm

* Dimensions: 190 x 137 x 30cm

Package Contents

* 1 x Cool Gel Mattress