Soft-close Toilet Seat Cover U Shape Universal Fitting Bathroom Accessory


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If you are looking for a toilet seat that is simple and practical, then our Toilet Seat is the perfect option. The toilet seat is compatible with Australian standard-sized toilets and is easy to install. And you will not have to uninstall it for many years to come as the thick heavy-duty seat is made of high-quality polypropylene and has durable buffers. The soft closing lid helps protect both the toilet seat and little fingers from being squashed. The simple but attractive design means that the toilet seat suits all bathroom styles and is ideal not only for your home but for all sorts of business as well.


Australian standard size toilet seat

High-quality polypropylene

Hygienic and anti-bacterial

Soft closing

Suitable for all users

Easy installation



Material: PP(polypropylene) plastic

Size: 42.5cm x 36.5cm x 5cm

Colour: White

Package Content

1 x Toilet Seat

1 x Assembly Manual