Smart Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Washlet Auto Electronic Cover Remote Control


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Just as you need to wash your face, hair, hands, feet and other parts of your body to keep clean and healthy, the same holds true for your personal areas. And if cleanliness and hygiene are important to you, then you will find our Electronic Bidet an integral part in ensuring a refreshing lifestyle. Smart bidet is a convenient solution to address all your needs. Our electronic bidet, unlike many others on the market, is an Australian version that is fully certified for use in Australia with easy-to-use built-in control panel and wireless remote control that are in English. The smart bidet does everything for you, so you do not have to do a thing. It heats up the seat to four temperature levels, washes you in four washing modes with five water pressure levels at four water temperatures, then dries your bottom with five warm air temperatures. It even cleans itself with its self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle and keeps the air smelling nice and fresh after your number twos with a built-in aroma diffuser. Installing the bidet is easy with no plumber needed. So begin a fresh approach to personal hygiene with our exceptionally safe and reliable electronic bidet.

Note: Toilet suite is for demostration purpose only.


Smart bidet toilet seat


Wireless remote control and built-in control panel

IPX4 waterproof

Heated anti-bacterial seat

Built-in automatic body sensor

Self-cleaning nozzle

4 washing modes (feminine, posterior, massage, oscillating)

Adjustable seat temperature

Adjustable water temperature and pressure

Adjustable washing position

Adjustable dryer temperature

External water filter

Automatic deodorisation

Aroma box available

Soft-closing lid


Safety alarm



Voltage: AC220 to 240V 50Hz

Water pressure: 0.04 to 0.70 Mpa

Water flow rate: wash: max 1.3L/min, bidet: max 1.4L/min

Water pressure control: anus washing, bidet washing for 5 steps, controlled by micro computer

Water temperature control: 4-step adjustment (OFF, 34oC, 37oC, 40oC)

Water safety device: float switch, temperature sensor, temperature fuse

Washing power: 900W

Dryer power: 250W

Dryer temperature control: 5-step adjustment (OFF, Low, Middle, High, Highest)

Dryer safety device: temperature fuse

Seat temperature control: 4-step adjustment (OFF, 34oC, 38oC, 42oC)

Seat safety device: temperature sensor, temperature fuse

Package Content

1 x Electric Bidet Seat

1 x Bidet accessories (Package)

1 x User manual