Heavy Duty 125KG Locking Drawer Slides Full Extension Ball Bearing 559mm

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With its industrial cold rolled steel construction and reinforced zinc coating, our heavy-duty Locking Drawer Slide is made to perform precisely and smoothly. It has been rigorously tested through 50,000 cycles of opening and closing to ensure no failure with its operations. The slide comes with a sensitive locking lever and two ball-bearing cages for ultra-smooth movement and is perfect for installation with most cabinet and drawers. The drawer slide is available in seven different lengths, ranging from 508mm to 1016mm

Installation notes:

Designed for Australian applications, our drawer slides need to be installed with the following guidelines

* When marking hole positions, do not drill through the slide holes during installation. This will create metal filings which may lodge in the tracks, resulting in rough running and ultimately, failure of the slides.

* Depending on the substrate, the use of stainless steel 'flat head' hex screws with NY-lock nuts or stainless steel rivets are recommended.

* The fixings must not rub against the moving slides. This will cause failure of the slides.

* Our slides are designed to be mounted horizontally and paired side by side. Mounting them vertically one above the other or in a flat position will void the warranty.


* 50,000-cycle tested

* 1.8mm/1.8mm/2.0mm thick steel for outer, middle and inner tracks

* Available in 7 lengths from 508mm to 1016mm

* Zinc-plated

* Heavy-duty with full extension

* Two ball-bearing cages

* Fitting to the side panel: screw fixing

* Fitting to drawer: screw fixing

* Simple installation


* Load capacity: 125 kg/pair

* Lengths: 508mm/559mm/610mm/660mm/711mm/762mm/813mm/914mm/1016mm

* Width: 71mm

* Thickness: 19.5mm

* Material thickness: 1.8mm x 1.8mm x 2.0mm (Outer, middle, inner track)

Package Content

1 pair x Heavy duty drawer slides