Wooden Shoe Cabinet


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Up to 60 pairs of shoes in a one shoe cabinet. That is practically a footwear utopia for all footwear lovers. And that is what the 4-tier Shoe Cabinet is all about. With four tiers of an adjustable triple-shelf compartment, the Shoe Cabinet provides ample storage space for virtually any type of footwear. Heels, sandals, sneakers, boots. You name it, it stores it with minimum hassle. Better still, the sturdy construction and smooth melamine finish also comes with vents on the backboard to enable good ventilation to keep both odour and moisture at bay. Not least, right on the top, you can add some stylish touches to the ensemble with some of your favourite displays. Create an elegant welcome to your home with the 4-tier Shoe Cabinet. Get yours today.

Note: Please refer to dimension photo for the fitted shoe sizes. Buyers may have to bear the cost for returning/ exchanging the item if not suitable.


Quality shoe cabinet

Sleek and slim design

Clutter-free entrance

Four tiers with triple-shelf per compartment

Three adjustable shelves

Sturdy construction

Backboard vents

Assembly required

Stores up to 60 pairs (depends on shoe size):

Up to 60 pairs: Children's shoes

Up to 36 pairs: Ladies's shoes

Up to 24 pairs: Men's shoes



Frame material: E1 Particle board

Finishes: Paper Veneer

Cabinet height: 151cm

Cabinet length: 60cm

Cabinet width: 30cm

Colour: White and Black

Package Content

1 x Shoe Cabinet

1 x Assembly Manual