Storage Ottoman Blanket Box Linen Foot Stool Chest Couch Bench Toy Grey


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Looking for a storage solution with more taste? Look no further than our premium Storage Ottoman. With an elegant tufted seat upholstered in soft faux linen fabric, our ottoman is simply luxurious to rest on and adds a plush touch to any home. But more than that, it also provides a neat storage space for your home essentials. Blankets, throws, pillows, magazines and even toys can be stowed away in a discreet, easy-to-access manner. Plus, the ottoman is also strong and sturdy and stands up to durable use. The lift-up top enables easy access while its robust metal hinges ensure that it will stay open and not falter easily. Not least, the ottoman has detachable legs that enable it to be more versatile in use. So whether you are using the ottoman as extra lounge seating, bedroom decor or your favourite footrest, our multifunctional and versatile ottoman matches form with function perfectly and elegantly.


Can be used as seating, footstool and storage

Elegant faux linen

Unique square shape

Ultra-soft tufted seat

Generous storage space

Lift-up lid

Robust metal hinges

Detachable legs



Material: Faux linen

Feet: Plastic

Overall dimensions: 68cm x 68cm x 42cm

Weight capacity: 100kg

Colour: Light grey

Package Contents:

1 x Storage Ottoman

1 x Assembly Manual