Lounge Sofa Floor Recliner Futon Chaise Folding Couch Grey


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Designed to be fully adjustable, our Lounge Sofa Chair is perfectly angled for reading, watching TV or surfing on your device, or have it fully flat for taking short naps in between. Fact is, there are 14 available positions for you to set the sofa chair up, so that you can enjoy your activity in the most precise and supportive position. The set position holds well too with its sturdy metal frame that can take weights of up to 150kg. You also appreciate the generously padded sofa chair with its premium soft-to-the-max flannel fabric cover and high resilience foam filling. All the right elements for plush and cushy comfort. Not least, the sofa chair is foldable for easy storage until required.


Adjustable lounge sofa chair

Adjustable sections: waist

14 available positions

Generously cushioned

High resilience foam

Premium flannel fabric

Sturdy steel frame



Frame material: Steel

Cover material: Flannel fabric

Dimensions: 96cm x 42cm x 13cm

Colour: Grey

Package Content

1 x Lounge Chair

1 x User Manual