Lounge Sofa Bed Floor Recliner Chaise Folding Linen Farbric


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Sometimes you just want to have some chill time on a comfortable lounge, but not on a normal couch. Then the Lounge Sofa Bed is just the thing for you. It is generously padded with high resilience cushion and built with a reinforced heavy-duty metal frame. And yet it is flexible enough to have five different sitting positions to suit your activity. Read a book, watch TV, have a nap or just catching up with social media, the sofa is more than ready to help you relax and enjoy your passion with ease. The entire sofa is upholstered in a soft and durable Oxford linen fabric that is also moisture-proof and wear-resistant. For added comfort, two pillows are included with covers that can be easily removed for cleaning. Not least, the sofa lounge bed is foldable with attached buckles for easy storage.


Adjustable lounge sofa bed with 5 positions

Adjustable section: waist

Moisture-proof and wear-resistant Oxford linen fabric

High resilience cushion

Two pillows with removable covers

Generously cushioned

Reinforced steel structure

Deluxe linen fabric

Foldable with buckles

Easy to store


Material: Steel, linen fabric and foam

Colour: Light grey

Dimensions: 186cm x 96cm x 17cm

Package Content

1 x Lounge Sofa Bed

1 x User Manual