Gaming Desk Home Office Carbon Fiber Computer Table Racer Desks Black Red


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If you are an enthusiastic gamer, our Gaming Desk will be the perfect addition to your gaming setup. The wide desk surface is large enough to accommodate all your gaming gear and is strongly supported by the powder-coated steel frame with Z-shaped legs. The desktop is contoured to fit and curve around your body so that you are always close to the action happening onscreen. The smooth carbon fibre textured surface ensures that you always feel comfortable by reducing fatigue to your wrists. There is a built-in cable management system at the back of the desk so that the cables do not get in your way and remain tidy. Floor protectors are installed on the base of the desk legs so that no amount of your furious clicking of the mouse while gaming will even make a dent on your precious pristine floor. Create your own gaming arena at home with our gaming desk for the perfect gaming experience.


Steel frame

Wide gaming surface

Strong Z-shape legs

Carbon fibre texture surface

Contoured desktop

Built-in cable management system

Safe round edges

Solid steel slats



Table: MDF board


Frame: Powder-coated steel

Weight capacity: 120kg

Overall dimensions: 114cm x 65cm x 76cm

Colour: Black and red

Package Contents:

1 x Gaming Desk

1 x Assembly Manual