20x Gutter Guard Guards Aluminium Leaf Mesh Roof Tiles 100x20cm Brush DIY Deluxe Garden 20M


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Tired of clearing blocked gutters of debris all the time? Make it history with our Aluminium Mesh Gutter Guard. It provides complete gutter protection from leaf and branch debris as well as preventing pests and birds from getting under your roof.

Measuring only 0.7mm thickness, the micro-hole structure Gutter Guard is lightweight and durable, and only allows rainwater to pass through, preventing any gutter overflows and improving rainwater collection if you are doing so. Installing the Gutter Guard is just a simple task of cutting it to the required size and length and holding it down with roof tiles or cable ties.

So say goodbye to potential injury from heights and let our Aluminium Mesh Gutter Guard do all the hard work for you in keeping your gutters clean and clear.


Micro-hole structure

Blocks debris but not water

Improves rainwater collection

Prevents gutter from overflow

Cut to desired size and length

Easy to install


Materials: Aluminium

Quantity: 20pcs

Size: 100cm x 20cm

Diamond hole: 3.5mm x 2mm

Thickness: 0.7mm

Colour: Black

Package Contents:

20 x 100cm X 20cm Aluminium mesh gutter guard